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Be in complete control of your applications all the time. Work with a Trusted advisor with a global footprint.

Run your business with an easy to use Education Partner Dashboard which keeps a track of all your transactions. Get real time updates on application progress and status updates.

Hassle-Free Application Submission

Submit multiple applications with single profile creation for each applicant.

For example, If you wish to apply for programs in three different colleges, applicant’s information have to be submitted only once and AdmitDesk support team takes care of everything else.

Application Fees
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Get the Right Advice

Our highly experienced team along with the intelligent software ensures that the applicant's program selection is based on his previous profile and area of interest.

This allows us many times better visa conversion rate and 99% student admission success rate.

Certified Visa Consultants

We only work with Certified Visa Consultants for student visa processing.

For example, for student visa applications to Canada, ONLY a Canadian Resident is authorized to file the visa. So be assured, that you are in safe hands.

Application Fees
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Steady Income

Our automated processes allow us to pass on maximum benefits to our Education Partners.

We make sure our Partners are reimbursed on time to improve your cash flow. So, join us today to realize a steady and timely income; and win over your competition.

Become an Education Partner Be a Part of Story where you can confide your trust and help students land up the career of their dreams.